Medical Tourism in India

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    In spite of its image as the land of poor and overpopulated cities, India has developed a reputation for its high-quality medical and healthcare services. All over the world, patients requiring treatment are flocking to India for very affordable but excellent health services. At its early stages, medical tourism in India is indeed flourishing and the industry is likely to expand with the continuously increasing costs of medical and other basic living expenses in America and other western countries.

    Healthcare Tourism as an Export Service

    The government of India, along with private sector groups, estimates that the business of accommodating tourists and providing top-quality medical treatments will be bringing in a revenue of somewhere around USD 1 billion to USD 2 billion every year beginning 2012. This is why the government has classified the medical treatment of foreign patients as an export service, allowing all businesses relating to medical tourism in India fiscal incentives that are not normally available in other industries. The result of this is the yearly 30 percent growth rate of the industry in India and 30,000 doctors and nurses joining the workforce every year. It is expanding so quickly that it has also moved into the new niche of medical outsourcing, where Indian providers are contracted by Western health facilities to provide certain medical services.

    Medical Procedures in India  best attraction Sentosa singapore 

    The private and voluntary health sector in India provides majority of all health care services in the country. It is through the private sector that India has witnessed the rapid increase in health infrastructure and the development of facilities for medical tourism. From its modest beginnings, medical tourism in India has grown to be the hottest spot for international healthcare in the entire world. Today, Indian medical tourism facilities provide procedures such as bone marrow transplant, brain surgery, cardiac procedures, cosmetic surgery, kidney transplant, drug rehabilitation, gynecology and obstetrics, neurosurgery, and other treatments.

    Cost-Effective Procedures

    Contrary to what many people think, the cost of medical procedures in India is not cheap. In fact, the ordinary Indian can hardly afford any of these procedures at most private facilities in India. The value of the dollar, however, is much higher than the Indian rupee, allowing it to go a long way while you are in India. Also, much of the health expenses in the United States are spent on insurance, labor costs, and administrative expenses. In India, the government does not require malpractice insurance on medical treatments and the labor costs are relatively lower than that in Western countries. This makes it the top choice for top-quality, cost-effective health service.


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