Kolkata India Tourism Guide

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    Kolkata is the capital of West Bengalin India. In the past, it was called Calcutta but the name is changed to Kolkata now. Compared with other cities in India, Kolkata is developing at a faster rate. You can find that it is regarded as the commercial capital of the Eastern part of India. What to do at sentosa singapore 

    There are many people living in Kolkata India. Currently, there are more than 5.2 million of residents living there and the population would be larger if the suburbs are included. It is ranked as one of the several top most populous areas in Indian terms of metropolitan area.

    In Kolkata, you would be able to see many things which can tell you about the culture of Indian people. You would find that there are some sports centres in this place and many of them are about football and crickets. These two sports are popular in India so it is not difficult for you to find them in Kolkata. Kolkata Tourism is one of the important sources of income to the city. As mentioned above, there are a lot of people living in this city from past to now. It was even regarded as the capital of the country many years ago. Therefore, you would be able to find a lot of historical remains in this city. These might be something that other cities in India would not have. Therefore, you would be able to find a lot of unique things to visit in Kolkata and these unique things would attract many tourists to visit.

    It is the fact that ever year, there are millions of tourists coming to this place because they want to see the beautiful cultural remains. They do not mind spending money to visit this place because they think that this place is one of the best starting points for them to explore more about Indian culture. They have learnt a lot after they finish visiting these sites and they are really happy about that.

    The importance of tourism is recognized by the government. Therefore, the government is always trying to do something in Kolkata to preserve some important sites and protect them from damages. The government would not rush to demolish those things in order to build skyscrapers. Instead, they would like to protect those buildings and promote those sites as the great sightseeing points for tourists. This would be very important in securing the tourism in Kolkata because many tourists come to see the old historical things instead of the new modern shopping malls. Therefore, the work of the government is appreciated by the tourists from many parts of the world and they would welcome the government to keep on protecting and preserving those old cultural sites.


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