How to Stop Spending Too Much Money at the Grocery Store

    For those out there that are eating to lose weight the grocery store is their best friend, and for those going the whole-food route with their diet, the grocery store should be their second home.

    The refrigerator is your tool box, and the only way to well-equip that tool box is to make frequent trips to your local grocery store. This will ensure that your meat and produce are fresh hopefully reducing the amount of food that you throw out.

    That trip to the store, however, has a few tricks up its sleeve.

    The first trick that the grocery store trys playing on you is with their free samples. Just because something is absolutely free does not mean that you have to or should take it. An example of that would be when a new beverage hits the market. These samples could be as much as four ounces of a liquid that could get you off track.  russian grocery store

    Four ounces will get me to cheat on my diet?

    That is a very real possibility for some people, especially those that are just starting their diet plans. They may have gone a couple of days sticking to that diet, but those four little ounces of a carbonated drink might give them a craving for a burger or a pizza. Then when they get to eating that pizza they might wash it down with a couple of mixed drinks, and before long that one little free sample has put into motion a chain of events that has just added a large amount of calories to a plan that was supposed to be working the opposite direction.

    The next time they are handing out free samples at the store make sure you know what it is before you throw caution to the wind as the little things in a diet make a difference.

    The second trick that the grocery store plays on you is in their pricing. For example, there could be three different brands of organic eggs on the shelf. One might cost $3.50, one might cost $3.75, and one might cost $5.00. Which one should you choose?

    If all three brands are stamped with the USDA Organic seal then paying anymore than you have to is a waste of money. Organic food is organic food no matter what brand name is on the package, especially if they all have the same stamp on them. They have all met the same regulations so why pay more?

    These are just a couple of things to watch out for the next time you are looking to stock your tool box. The grocery store is your greatest dieting asset, but don’t let it become your enemy.


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