Benefits of Using Job Board Services

    You may have heard of the countless stories of people who send out hundreds of resumes, and receive no return calls, or you may have experienced the frustration yourself and continue to wonder what the problem may be, and more importantly what can be done about it.

    The truth may lie in the fact that the effective responses received from a job board listing may be as a low as 3 to 5% in many cases, and although efficacy can vary, having a job board as the central component of your job-search can lead to futility and frustration.

    There are a different number of ways that job listings originate on job boards.

    It is a known and acknowledged fact, that for several reasons, that include cost savings, familiarity, and seamless transfer, companies will often attempt to fill vacancies internally. The inherent trust factor eliminates much of the doubt, and uncertainty often that accompanies the unknown. They may offer bonuses to employees for referrals, and may encourage employees to suggest nominating someone for a vacancy.

    By the time a vacancy or listing is posted on a job board, it may mean that several candidates may have already been referred and interviewed, and the company can be considered as being fortunate to have hundreds of candidates for one vacancy. There are a couple of tricks that can be used to gain a competitive advantage without going through normal route of publishing your resume on the Internet.

    LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. A search for any company will return some of the employees along with their titles and departments. An effective approach is to people working in associated industries and add them to your list of contacts. You can let them know of your interest in the organization, and with the shrinking degrees of separation, as your network expands, you are sure to come into contact with someone who with some insider knowledge of the organization.

    It may take some time and a bit more effort, but the objective is to rise above being a resume, and come into personal contact with the people that can provide information, and the more inside information you have about any company should give you a decided advantage over other prospective candidates. remot jobs

    Inside information should not refer to nefarious or negative details, but an understanding of how the company operates, and some of the challenges they face. Once you have shown that have a greater understanding and appreciation of the operation, you can build rapport with contact to the people that may be responsible for some of the decision making, such as hiring managers.

    At this point, you should be confident and comfortable enough to express your desire to work for the company, and may be asked to follow the required protocol, but you may already be among the top of the heap, instead of being a faceless applicant on a job board. The bottom line, is that job boards can be effective, but they should not be the only resource used in job-searching. Most of the success from job search and other activities still come from networking.


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