Baby Shower Food – Easy Ideas For Various Menus

    The once hithero unventured into domain of relatives hosting baby showers is now readily entered into by not only family members but even close friends who’d like to help expectant parents plan and receive the perfect gifts for the little one that are useful and perhaps sought out by them, besides helping minimize the scope of unwanted gifts and directing resources towards desirable presents to make the joy of gifting appropriate presents a truly memorable one.

    Typically held a few weeks before the mother-to-be has the baby, a baby shower is the perfect event to get together, let down one’s hair, join in an air of celebratory excitement and generally have food, friends and fun at one venue; though some cultural beleifs do not encourage buying things for the baby before it’s born, other cultures look upon it as something practical to avoid gifting useless or surplus items and saves headaches of what to buy and money wasted on a gift that wasn’t really useful.

    Those planning such an event can expect to handle a lot of multi-tasking with invites, theme decor, games, party favors and of course, the grub!

    The food at a baby shower is very important as this aspect should ideally be light and filling with great tasting varieties that do not take up the hostess’s time and efforts that should go in enjoying the party and looking after all the guests – after all, the baby shower is a celebration with loved ones gathering together to celebrate the coming arrival!

    So, light sandwiches with different fillings, wafers or fries, pasta dishes or pizzas, pie and salad go well for a baby shower food menu with punch, fruit juice, wine and cakes and cookies for dessert, too. Do, keep in mind thought that the party timing largely determines the menu choice i.e a dinner timing will require a full sit-down meal for the guests while a lunch or high tea can have light meal options like salads, finger food and appetizers and ice-cream for desert. localĀ resturantsĀ in nigeria

    Going in for different snack trays with sandwiches or burgers of assorted fillings makes for easy serving and gives guests choice too – and hey, team these with fresh sliced veggies and a dip for finger-licking food at a baby shower.

    For a kiddy theme idea baby shower like a nursery rhyme, go in for cakes and pies at a tea-party, or shape a fruit in the form of a pram and serve your salad in it!

    Decorate around the table with baby shaped candies and colored tinsel and you can even go in for a color theme in serving dishes and party disposable plates, cups, and bowls to minimize clean up and give a bright effect! However, do take care to plan a baby shower menu that the expectant mother is allowed to have and does not include items that could cause allergies such as special cheeses and uncooked meat or even liquor.

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